Online Writing Course

Save time when you learn to write. In this online writing course, you can follow the videos and use the handouts to learns the basics about writing for many situations: 

  • ESL class
  • English class
  • Business
  • Find a job.
  • Get a better job.
  • Resume

Improve writing skills in three easy steps

  1. Watch the videos.
  2. Take notes and complete the handouts.
  3. Write.

List of videos

In this writing course, you can watch videos about these topics:

Each video in the online writing course has a handout for you to take notes as you watch. First, download the handout(s). Then watch the videos. Take notes on your digital document. Or print the handout and take notes.

Even experienced writers need a refresher when writing. Whether you are an experienced writer, or a new writer, take advantage of this online writing course. Watch the videos. Take notes. And write!

Business writing

Effective writing is such an important skill. Strong writing skills often set you apart from your classmates and  your co-workers. In your business, well-crafted emails and memos can help close a deal or or help sign a contract.

During my professional career, I have used well-crafted writing in many industries, including education, sales, marketing, and consulting. In my experience, writing a solid agreement after business meetings can lead to great business relationships. When I used to work for a testing publisher, I participated in the initial meetings and phone calls with the client. Then I drafted reports and agreements that captured our discussions. One of my goals was to clearly write the ideas, the objectives and business plan for the client. After going back and forth with several drafts, the client  would sign the agreement.

College Application Writing

As a professor of English as a Second Language, my family and friends often ask me for help with writing. Last summer a nephew asked for help with his resume for this college application. After interviewing him, I gave him some tips to enhance his resume and college application essay. As of this week, he has been accepted to five colleges already. I'm looking forward to hearing which college my nephew is going to attend!

Academic Essay Writing

Effective writing can also accelerate your academic career. I teach my students the process approach to writing. The process approach includes several steps: analyze the writing prompt, plan, draft, revise and then plan, draft, and revise again. In my ESL courses, we practice the five paragraph format essay for academic courses. Recently, one of my students transitioned from my noncredit ESL course to a credit ESL course. Her professor was  impressed enough by her essay that she promoted her to a regular English credit course. Clearly, better writing has already supported her academic career.