For the Students

Needs Assessment

Please take the needs assessment by clicking here. This needs assessment will help the professor prepare the lessons and materials for class. You will also learn a few things about how you learn English and how you use your mobile phone.


Spelling quizzes and grammar quizzes will be given weekly. Please check with the professor to confirm the days. Quizzes are important for providing feedback to the students. Research tells us that  students can improve their learning by getting regular feedback. Weekly quizzes are a great way to get this feedback.

To prepare for the Twitter quiz, click here  to go to the Twitter Lesson page.

In Class Timed Writing

In class, we will practice both open ended writing and timed writing. Timed writing is an important skill to prepare for academic courses and workplace tasks. Be sure to bring your notebook with college ruled lined paper and pens. In class timed writing can be 5 minutes to one hour long. The teacher will announce the length of time and give you a writing prompt or question, usually related to a reading. These timed writings will push you to use your writing skills under pressure.

Oral Tests

You will be asked to do several oral tests, including an interview, a speech, and several conversations. These oral tests will prepare you for public speaking in class, at work, and in the community. One of the best ways to prepare for these tests is to video tape your speech, and then review it. You can watch your speech and give feedback on pronunciation, gestures, volume, and content.

Course Evaluation

At the end of the semester, you will take a survey to evaluate this course. I will release the survey near the end of the semester.

For the Instructor: Needs Assessment

Results from a  Needs Assessment can help you prepare your syllabus, lesson plans and materials. Use this Needs Assessment, or use it as a model to customize a new one for your class.