Online English Course

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How to stay organized

It's important to stay organized in your online English course. There are two ways to stay organized: electronically or in print. Some students prefer to organize their files electronically on their tablet, laptop or other mobile device. Other students prefer to print out handouts and materials and organize them in a binder.

Either way, be sure to follow the schedule of due dates for assignments in this online English course. Plan your study time and class time to complete your assignments ahead of schedule. I recommend that you avoid cramming at the last minute. Research tells us that one of the best ways to learn a language is by studying regularly. For example, it's better to study daily for one hour than to cram for five hours in one day.

Tips for assignments

In the Online English Course Portfolio Checklist, you will find a list of assignments. Due dates for the assignments will be announced during class. Some of the assignments will be completed online. Sometimes, you will be expected to print out assignments and turn them in. Other times, you will hand write assignments in class.

Please plan ahead for printed assignments. We do not have a printer in the classroom. You will need to arrange printing in the computer lab, the library or at home.

Also, be aware that it takes time to print your assignment. In the computer lab, for example, every once in a while the printer is out of order. Or maybe your home printer runs out of ink. So, once again, my advice is to plan enough time to print your assignments.