Twitter Lesson

Twitter has been used in the classroom for a number of years to enhance the learning process and for student success.

For Students

If you are new to Twitter, click here to read a Twitter lesson about the basics. This lesson will introduce you to the basics before you create a Twitter account.

Also, read these articles about Twitter.

  1. Twitter for Beginners: Click here.
  2. Basic Twitter Terms: Click here.
  3. More advanced Twitter information: Click here.

Take a Twitter quiz by clicking here. You may take it more than once. Try to score 100%. Ask your instructor for the secret word to start the test.

I suggest you create a Twitter account after you read the lesson, articles, and take the quiz.

Then, follow your instructor's class. Ask your instructor for the hash tag for your class. For example, the hash tag might look like this: #fa13esladv which means Fall 2013 ESL Advanced.

Your instructor can use Twitter in several ways:

  • To make announcements about the class.
  • To ask students to read a Tweet with a link to an article, photograph or video.
  • To ask students to reply and Tweet in response to a prompt or assignment.
  • To ask students to Tweet a message with a photograph or short video.
  • To ask students to Tweet a message with a link to an article, photograph or short video.

How to buy a mobile phone or tablet for learning

Students sometimes ask my advice about the best mobile phones or tablets for learning and Twitter. I recommend that you read Consumer Reports magazine, which you can find in the library and online.  Consumer Reports publishes a monthly magazine and a website which provides reviews of consumer technology.

For Teachers

Here are a few ways Twitter can be used in education:

  • To improve communication between instructor and students as well as between students.
  • To make announcements about the campus and class.
  • To teach language skills such as vocabulary development.
  • To teach critical thinking skills such as summarizing and clarifying.
  • To remind students about quizzes and assignment due dates.

As educators, we know that students acquire knowledge and skills in many different ways.  Learning takes place inside the classroom as well as  outside of the class session. Formal instruction occurs in the classroom. Informal learning takes place in between class meetings. Research tells us that if properly facilitated, informal learning that takes place outside of the class lecture and discussion, is very important to student success.

Twitter lessons, when well-planned, can serve to enhance learning in between formal class sessions. Here are a few Twitter lesson ideas for that in between learning in ESL and English courses.


Provide sentences in the present tense. Ask students to conjugate in a different verb tense by Tweeting sentences in the simple past tense.

Tweet a sentence stem to students. Ask students to complete the sentence stem. Example: When I commute to school, I like to...

Tweet a question and ask students to reply with a Tweet. Example: What will you eat for breakfast tomorrow?

Class Announcements

If you have regularly scheduled quizzes, say weekly spelling tests, Tweet reminders to the students. You can use social media productivity tools such as Social Omph to set up the dates and times of the Tweets for the entire semester. Students report that these reminders motivate them to study and learn the materials.

Assign a hash tag to your class so you and your students can easily track announcements and assignments. For fall 2013, a hash tag for a course might look like this: #fa2013esladv